Friday, February 5, 2010

Problem Satement

The world as we know it is changing. More and more organizations and businesses are embracing the social networking aspects of the Internet and reaping the rewards that come from these exciting and innovative technologies. Traditionally, organizations and businesses have been heavily associated with travel. With the introduction of collaboration tools, we are beginning to see a significant shift in the way people interact and communicate with each other in our world. Traveling to conduct business meetings, attending seminars, reaching out to potential clients, building contacts, training workers, etc. can be overwhelming and costly. But with Imagine, all of these daily activities can now be easily accomplished from any home or office.

Friday, January 29, 2010

IMAGINE Collaboration Tool -- Description

Imagine is the "best-in-class" global collaboration tool built for today's and tomorrow’s world, connecting people and their ideas together within a single harmonious and synchronous 3D virtual environment. This innovative and technologically advanced collaboration tool replaces the need to be in the same room, or even the same continent with the people that you are connecting with. With Imagine, this world becomes a much smaller place. Everyone you know, everyone you work with or need to reach out to is now within arms reach. Imagine presenting your next engineering design to a group of corporate executives within a virtual boardroom, where everyone can see and hear each other. Imagine designing the next state-of-the-art spacecraft in a 3D collaborative virtual environment. Store your documents and materials online for easy access within Imagine. Never loose an important document ever again. Record your meetings so that you can review them at a later date. With Imagine, all of these things are possible, and much more. Imagine is an enjoyable and highly engaging way to meet with other people online for the purposes of collaboration, interaction and communication. Meet with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Imagine is available to a large number of participants, and will save you time, travel expenses, worry and stress while also making you much more productive. With Imagine there are no limitations, so go on....just Imagine!

(Additional information detailing Imagine’s core features, benefits and future capabilities is available within the Imagine Submission PDF located on the top right column.)

IMAGINE -- Contact Information

Kevin Simkins
Phone: 312-208-0852 cell / 847-699-4800 office
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